Since 1993

Mission Statement

Truth PAC was founded to bring the truth about Donald Trump to the American people.

This includes the truth about his shady business background, the truth about his racism and hateful bigotry, and most disturbing of all, the truth about his connections to Russia and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Recently we learned that "The FBI has been conducting multiple investigations of alleged connections between Russia and Donald Trump, his presidential campaign or its backers", ( So far the FBI has not publicly commented on this investigation.

Then, on October 28th, FBI Director James Comey sent an unprecedented letter to Congress, possibly in violation of the Hatch Act. It detailed a probe into possibly insignificant emails found on the computer of someone tangentially related to Hillary Clinton. This double standard threatens the impartiality of the judiciary and has had a damaging effect on the fairness of our system.

In light of this letter, it is our right as American citizens to any relevant information that impacts this election. Further, it is crucial that we know about ALL current investigations into BOTH candidates to balance the partisan actions of Director Comey.

On November 3rd, Truth PAC filed an expedited Freedom of Information Act request for details on the subject and any findings of investigations into connections between Donald Trump, his private servers and the Kremlin. We also demand to know what, if anything, the FBI is looking for in the newly opened investigation into Hillary Clinton and her emails.

We know that Donald Trump has praised Vladimir Putin, his campaign operatives have had connections to Russia, he has weakened his party platform with regard to Russian aggression, he has encouraged Russian hacking into his Democratic rivals and there may be much more threatening business and political connections to Putin that we have yet to learn. If the FBI is willing to play politics with dubious information regarding Hillary Clinton, we demand they release their findings regarding her Republican rival, Donald Trump and his Russian connections.